If you are looking for a clear and organized editing environment to work in, then Admin Bar Pro is for you. Running a WordPress site means you’re constantly dealing with a lot of content, whether it’s blog posts, pages, or other post types. This can become difficult to manage and edit easily.

Admin Columns Pro will display powerful columns that allow you to quickly sort, filter and edit content. This will help save you time, keep your content organized, and give you easy access to important information.

In this Admin Columns Pro review, we will discuss the features and functionality this WordPress plugin offers. Then we’ll look at how to get the plugin up and running, and how to use some of its most important tools.

Admin Columns Pro Features

add column

Admin Columns Pro is a feature-rich plugin that is quick and easy to set up and will ultimately improve your WordPress admin experience. You can choose from over 160 columns for all content types to help you build the perfect overview. The drag-and-drop builder also enables you to organize the column layout to suit your needs without touching a line of code.

Once created, content can be sorted and filtered based on criteria of your choice. Inline editing allows you to edit data directly from the overview page without opening individual content. This makes it the ideal solution for those of us who want to simplify the process of making changes to content.

Now that we know a little bit about what Admin Columns Pro offers, let’s take a closer look at what this WordPress plugin does…

Add columns to suit your needs


Admin Columns enables you to quickly and easily add columns to overview pages. This means that you can view certain information contained in a post or page. And all without actually opening them. Over 160 column types Available, Admin Columns Pro has coverage for all content types. Add a featured image column, show all post tags in a column, or author name column, etc.

Drag and drop builder

drag and drop

The ease of use of this plugin is definitely one of its remarkable features. Admin Columns Pro includes a drag and drop interface to easily arrange your columns. You can create column layouts that are organizationally meaningful to you by simply clicking and dragging the columns. With no coding required, even a humble beginner can master this software in minutes.

Quick sort and filter to find the right content


Admin Columns Pro quickly sorts data, helping you easily organize content in a way that suits your needs. Sort by post length, media, comments or users, and many other options. After you sort a column, these results are automatically saved as your preferences until you reorder them.


filter column data It’s as simple as sorting. Drop-down menus allow you to search and filter your content. This can be especially useful if you want to see a group of products, posts from a specific month, or articles written by a specific author.

Easy to edit directly in the overview page


Ease of editing column data is where Admin Columns Pro comes into its element. As mentioned, the plugin’s inline editing feature allows you to edit posts without opening them. Check your columns for differences in content, then edit any fields in the overview. Not only will this save you time, but it will also help ensure high-quality and consistent content throughout your WordPress site.

Integrate with other WordPress plugins

Admin Columns Pro plugin integration

Admin Columns Pro integrates with some other popular plugins including WooCommerce, bbPress and Yoast SEO etc. This means you can organize and manage data from these supported plugins.

For example, if you’re running a WooCommerce store, you can display columns showing product price, size of each item, availability, and more. Then, not only can you quickly view key information for all your products in one place, but you can also edit this information inline, helping you easily manage and update your WooCommerce data.

in addition, Toolset Type Integrated plugins mean you can easily add columns for custom fields and taxonomies created with types. Admin Columns automatically recognizes your settings from Types, so you can add custom fields with just a few clicks.Likewise, with pod You can create and edit custom post types, then use Admin Columns Pro to modify your post types to display any post type field as a column (such as color, location, pricing, etc.).

Additional Features of Admins Columns Pro

As you can see, Admins Columns Pro offers a lot of functionality. While we’ve covered most of the highlights, here are some of the more important, albeit perhaps less exciting features…

  • Multiple Column Sets – Create custom screen views and curate custom column sets based on user roles to efficiently manage posts, pages, and more.
  • Horizontal scrolling – Don’t worry about small screens, just enable horizontal scrolling from the Screen Options menu for easy navigation.
  • Category Columns – Add a column to the category overview to see more without opening them one by one.
  • Import and Export – Easily migrate your column settings to another website or use them as a backup.
  • Multisite columns – If you have a multisite, all user columns are available for network users.
  • Support – Included with Admin Columns Pro extensive documentation A dedicated team of developers provides direct email support.

As you can see, Admin Columns Pro is packed with impressive and powerful features. So now let’s see how to get this plugin up and running on your WordPress site…

Get started with Admin Columns Pro

Admin Columns Pro is very simple to set up and use. Read on for a quick overview of getting started and using this plugin’s most popular features.

Install the plugin

Add new plugin

Firstly, buy plugin from Admin Columns Pro and from your account page. Then log into your WordPress site and select “Plugins > Add New”.

Click Upload Plugin > Choose File. Select the Admin Columns Pro zip file and choose Install Now.

Admin Columns Pro menu

After activating the plugin, you will find the Manage Columns menu under Settings.

Activate your license

Settings tab

To ensure that the plugin receives updates automatically, you need to activate your Admin Columns Pro license. Choose Settings > Manage Columns. The Admin Column Settings screen will now appear. Select the tab “Settings”.

Activate license

Enter your license code under Update and click Update License. If you are not sure, you can find your license on your account page.

Add, delete and manage columns

After installing the plugin and activating the license, you can start creating columns. Admin Column Pro has a very intuitive interface that makes it very easy to add, delete and manage your columns. In the Admin Column Settings screen, select the Admin Columns tab.

admin bar

In the drop-down box, select the content overlay page to add the column to. For this article, I selected “Posts”, which enabled me to add columns to my post overlay page.

+ column

Next, click “+Column” at the bottom of the page. You can now choose the type of column to display and change its settings, including marking new columns and determining their widths. Importantly, here you need to turn on inline editing, sorting and filtering.Remember that not all column types All three functions are supported, so you may not have the option to activate them all.

delete edit

To delete or edit a column, simply hover over the column row and select Delete or Edit.

drag and drop

To change the order in which the columns are displayed, drag and drop the columns to your preferred location.

View posts screen

When you’ve added and organized all the columns to suit your needs, click Save. Now select “View Posts Screen” to see the new column in action.

Filter and sort columns

After you create the columns you want, you can start using them to help you organize and manage your content. As mentioned earlier, using sorting or filtering tools to search your content is especially useful if you want to find, view, or edit specific data.

enable sorting

If you want to sort a column, first check if sorting is available for that column type and you have “Sort” activated when setting up the column. Next, open the overview page with the column you want to sort by. Here, I opened my posts page.

word count

Hover over the column heading to sort and a sort options arrow will appear. Just click the arrow and your columns will be sorted automatically. Here you can see that I have sorted the blog posts by word count from largest to smallest.

Featured Image Filters

Filtering options for each column type appear in a drop-down box at the top of the page. To filter a column, choose from the available filter options and click Filter. Here, I’ve filtered blog posts to show those that don’t yet show featured images. Again, when filtering, first check if the column type supports filtering and is activated.

edit column

Inline editing

Editing columns is as easy as sorting and filtering. Select “Inline Editing” at the top of the post page and you can now edit what appears in the editable column.

add FI

Here, I’m editing a blog post that needs to add a featured image. Clicking the edit icon in the featured image column, I can select an image and attach it to the post without actually opening the post.

FI edit

Pricing Options

Admin Bar Pro From just $49. This personal plan allows you to use Admin Columns Pro on one site and includes one year of updates and support. Business and developer plans are also available for large online businesses and professionals.The biggest advantage of upgrading from an individual plan to one of these is use on multiple sites and all the previously mentioned premium third-party add-ons (Pods, Advanced Custom Fields, WooCommerce, etc.)

Importantly, Admin Columns Pro comes with a 60% money-back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the plugin, you’ll get a full refund. This shows the confidence Admin Columns Pro has in its product.

final thoughts

As you can see, managing your WordPress content with Admin Columns Pro is very simple and effective. This plugin offers the possibility to save you time and enables you to eliminate student errors and create a professional, organized and consistent blog.

Learn more about Admin Bar Pro today. As always, please leave a comment below if you have any questions or anything to add!