Chances are, you put a lot of work into building your WordPress site and making it look good on the front end. However, you may have overlooked one key aspect: your WordPress login form.

There are many reasons to customize a WordPress login form, such as improving security, increasing brand awareness, and enhancing user experience. Any of these reasons could be enough to convince you to ditch the default WordPress login screen. This simple change is a great way to improve your website.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of creating a custom WordPress login form. Then we’ll cover some tools that can help you do this easily, including some of the best custom landing page plugins you can choose from. let’s start!

Why custom WordPress login forms are good for your website

As a WordPress site owner, you are almost certainly familiar with the default WordPress login form. It’s functional, but has a humble appearance. See Exhibit A:

Main WordPress Login Form

Apart from basic WordPress security settings like strong passwords, it also doesn’t offer any specific security features to keep hackers and other unwanted people out of your admin area. For these reasons, your login form deserves as much attention as any other area of ​​your website.

Here are some benefits of customizing your WordPress login form:

  1. better security. You can secure your login page by redirecting your login form to a unique URL, which makes it harder for hackers to find your login page. Plus, you can set a limit on how many times a person can log in, and you can even add multi-factor authentication.
  2. Brand consistency. Bringing your branding to your login form allows you to align with the rest of your site, so your users and team members will have a consistent experience. Also, if you add social login to WordPress, your readers or members can log in and share your content more easily.
  3. Enhanced navigation. You can use your login form to provide additional navigation to your end users. You can link to social media profiles and even display special offers directly on the login screen.
  4. Improved user experience. You can customize the login form to take end users to any page of your choice, such as a customized profile page or dedicated promotion, or you can create a custom message.

These are just some of the benefits you can get with a custom login form. However, the first one is the most important. Security should always be your top consideration when deciding to make any changes to your website, and in this case you can greatly enhance it with just a few simple tweaks.

Useful tools for creating custom WordPress login forms

By now, you’ve seen why you might want to modify your WordPress login form. Luckily, there are plenty of plugins that can help you (plus, many are available for customizing other WordPress forms as well). The options below are some of the best available, with excellent feature sets and a reputation for reliability.

ProfilePress User Registration, Frontend Login and User Profile WordPress Plugin

ProfilePress User Registration

ProfilePress is a handy plugin that allows you to customize WordPress with custom login, registration, password reset, and edit profile forms. You can also use it to build front-end user profiles unique to each user.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, build forms from scratch and handle server-side validation, authentication, and authorization. Let ProfilePress handle all this and more for you. It’s worth noting that ProfilePress uses shortcodes. So instead of coding the form in HTML as usual, just paste the shortcode. The flexibility of the shortcode makes the login form in the image below possible.

ProfilePress even comes with beautiful ready-to-use templates. Using these pre-built templates is very easy; just copy and paste the template shortcode into your WordPress page and save. Preview to see the form in real time. It’s a snap.

ProfilePress also includes many other exciting features including: moderation of registered users, social login via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, GitHub and, passwordless user login, integration with BuddyPress, BbPress, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Polylang integration, multisite, etc.

main feature:

  • Enables you to customize login forms, registration forms, and password reset forms
  • Provides a live preview to simplify the design process
  • Allows you to redirect login, registration and password reset to custom pages
  • Offers multi-site integration, enabling users to create new sites through a front-end registration form
  • Enables users to upload avatars and provides moderation and social media related features (premium version)

Custom Login Page Customizer Free WordPress Plugin

Custom Login Page Customizer Free WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to customize your WordPress login form, the custom login page customizer is a great option. It utilizes the familiar live customizer and easy options to change your logo, background, padding, form fields and buttons. Also, you can always add some custom CSS for more advanced changes.

main feature:

  • Easy-to-use design options
  • Familiar customizer interface
  • Preview changes as they are made

Admin Custom Login Page Free WordPress Plugin

Admin custom login page plugin

The custom WordPress login page plugin makes it easy to personalize your login form to look just right. It enables you to modify colors, add background images, and even create background slideshows. In addition to its customization features, this plugin is responsive to mobile websites and integrates with Google Fonts.

main feature:

  • Enables you to redirect users to a custom login form URL
  • Lets you personalize your login form with color and background media
  • Includes social media connectivity

LoginPress Custom Login Page Customizer Free WordPress Plugin

LoginPress Customize WordPress Login Form Customizer

LoginPress makes the process of customizing WordPress login forms simple and intuitive. It lets you edit login pages directly from your WordPress dashboard and add custom fields and messages for users. Additionally, there are a number of design-oriented features that help you match the branding and style of the rest of your site.

main feature:

  • Allows you to add a custom logo and background to the login form
  • Enables you to modify the color of buttons and other elements
  • Provides the option to create custom error and welcome messages

White Label Branding of WordPress Premium WordPress Plugins

White Label Branding for WordPress

Info & Downloads View Demo

This premium plugin allows you to customize not only the login form, but the entire WordPress admin area. You can also use WordPress’ white label branding to control what any user sees based on an assigned role (such as editor or author), and hide certain areas if necessary. This creates a valuable extra layer of security for your site.

main feature:

  • Enables you to fully customize your WordPress admin area based on user roles
  • Allows you to apply customizations to login forms and backends, including logos, favicons, headers and footers
  • Provides a visual CSS editor

Custom Login Custom Login Page Premium WordPress Plugin

Custom Login Custom Login Page Plugin

Information and Downloads

Tailored Login plugin provides a built-in style manager for your login form with extensive customization options. It allows you to add optional widgets, in addition, you can personalize the background, header, buttons, etc. for your login area. The plugin is part of iThemes membership, which includes premium support and community forums.

main feature:

  • Provides a style manager that enables you to customize colors, fonts and widget areas
  • Provides a customizable login form with editable headers, footers, buttons and links
  • Allows you to add up to two widget areas to the login page
  • bonus: The plugin is available as part of the iTheme plugin suite, so if you already have the package or are interested in some of iTheme’s other great plugins, this might be a good option

How to Customize Your WordPress Login Form

Now that you’ve seen some useful tools you can use to make changes to your WordPress login form, here’s a quick look at how to do it in action. Of course, these steps will be different for each of the above plugins. Setting up a WordPress login form can take longer if you choose a feature-rich plugin with tons of settings and options, but now we’ll show you one of the easiest options.

Step 1: Install your login form plugin

Install Login Form Customizer Plugin

So start choosing your plugin, then install and activate it.If your favorite plugin is in the repository, you can find it below the WordPress dashboard Plugins > Add New By using the search box.For example, we choose Custom Login Page Customizer.

If your plugin is from a third-party website, you still need to navigate to Plugins > Add New But then click the button “Upload Plugin”. From there follow the on-screen prompts to upload your plugin zip file and install it.

Step 2: Find your login form settings

Login Form Customizer Settings

After installing and activating the plugin, you should now try to find the plugin’s settings page.For custom login page customizers, these are located at Appearance > Login Customizer. Additional plugins can be found under Tools, Settings, and even under a new menu tab added to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 3: Start customizing your WordPress login form

Custom Login Page Live Customizer

Once you’ve found your settings, you’re ready to go! If there are options on your settings page, start changing them. For the custom login page customizer plugin we used, you first need to click the “Start Customization” button, which will open the WordPress customizer.

Customize Landing Page Live Customizer Options

This particular plugin uses familiar design options for colors, backgrounds, fills, and more.

Customize the login page live customizer style

Just go through the available options to create your own custom WordPress login form.

Customize Login Page Live Customizer CSS

Oh, and if you need (or want) to change something that isn’t available as a built-in option, you can always tweak it with some custom CSS. The custom login page customizer plugin we used includes its own CSS panel, but you can also use the “Additional CSS” section in the default WordPress customizer. A quick Google search is usually the easiest way to find out how to write a few lines of CSS, but if you’re not sure, you can always check to see if the plugin developer will lend a hand.

Don’t forget to save when done. After that, your new custom WordPress login form should be up and running!

in conclusion

When it comes to your WordPress site, you need to focus on tweaking the admin area as much as tweaking the front end. A custom login form can help you work harder with your branding and can provide greater security and an enhanced user experience.

In this article, we introduce five that can help you create WordPress custom login form to match your site, but maybe we missed your favorite. Are there any other custom login form plugins that you think are worth checking out? Let us know about them in the comments section below!