In one of the recent WordPress updates they updated the way the “Insert Link” works in the post editor where previously it had a field for adding the link title attribute now it has a field for altering the link text. This makes it much harder to add your link tittle attribute (must be done in “text” mode) . This really annoyed me… The text title can be altered on the actual post editor so the extra field is useless, whereas the title attribute can only be added via text mode using HTML now 🙁

There are some plugins out there that you can activate to re-add the field for editing the link title, however, to keep thinks easier I decided to develop a little plugin that will allow me to filter the post content and automatically add link title attributes to all links that don’t have a title tag defined this way we don’t even have to worry about link titles when writing posts and the plugin will also “update” all old posts that may be missing link title attributes. The best part is that it also supports links with images so if you have added to your images it will automatically grab the link alt or title (backup) attributes and set them for the link surrounding it.

Note: This plugin is no longer supported and has been removed.