Website credibility is an important factor that readers consider when visiting your WordPress blog, website or e-commerce store. If your website does not seem trustworthy, readers will feel uncomfortable when downloading free resources, subscribing to your newsletter, or providing personal information to make a purchase. One of the easiest ways to reassure visitors is to use the McAfee SECURE trust mark.

What is McAfee security?

What is McAfee security?

McAfee is well-known for its network security products, and consumers all over the world use these products to ensure the safety of their Internet browsing. This includes software for antivirus, firewall, encryption, email security, etc. Considering the user’s Web security, McAfee expanded each of their items and developed the McAfee SECURE brand. This includes various web security tools available to everyone browsing the web.

This set of tools consists of three main parts.this McAfee SECURE trust mark Which websites can be used to prove that their pages are free of viruses, malware, and other unsafe codes.this McAfee SECURE Chrome browser extension It adds a McAfee protective cover to your browser to let you know that you are safely surfing the Internet and warn you that any websites you visit may be at risk.Finally McAfee SECURE identity protection When making a purchase on the McAfee SECURE certification website, it provides buyers with up to $100,000 in identity theft protection (users only need to follow the steps in the activation email they receive after completing the purchase).

Although all of these are huge assets for web users, the McAfee SECURE trust mark provides additional value to website owners, especially because it is a tool that can be used to increase the credibility and credibility of the website.

Should you add McAfee SECURE to your WordPress website?

Now that you know what McAfee SECURE is, does your website need it? Simply put, most websites can benefit from adding a trust mark to show readers that the website is actually safe.

If you run a blog or business type website that does not collect any user data, you may need to weigh the pros and cons before adding any additional content to the site. However, if you run an e-commerce website or collect user data, then adding McAfee SECURE may be a good idea. Adding a trust mark on your website will ease any hesitation that users may have before providing personal information for registration. If you run an online store, the added McAfee SECURE Identity Protection is a bonus feature that you can use to advertise to customers so that they are confident in providing you with financial data.

How to set up McAfee SECURE for WordPress

If McAfee SECURE sounds right for you, installation should be relatively easy, because everything starts from installation Free McAfee SECURE WordPress plugin. To install plugin logs into your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Plugins> Add New and search for “McAfee”.

McAfee SECURE plug-in installation

McAfee SECURE should be the first result. Click the “Install Now” button, and then click the “Activate” plugin.

McAfee SECURE plug-in settings

Now let’s set up the plugin. McAfee makes this very easy by adding a notification to your dashboard to activate the plug-in. If for some reason you do not see the notification, simply navigate to the plugin activation page by clicking the new McAfee SECURE menu item in the main WordPress dashboard. Click the “Activate Now” button.

McAfee SECURE free account

Following the simple setup trend, a pop-up window should open for you to create a free McAfee SECURE account. The form will automatically fill in your website url and email used to create a WordPress user account. Just verify your information and click “Activate Now”.

McAfee Security Confirmation

This will open to confirm that your site has been added and refresh your WordPress dashboard to display your McAfee SECURE settings. If you want to edit your McAfee SECURE profile, click the red button, otherwise just close the pop-up window to return to your WordPress dashboard.

McAfee SECURE free dashboard

Assuming your website is safe, you should see a safe green confirmation message, indicating that you have passed all the tests (Hurray!) and your certification trust mark is in order. Now, when you visit the front end of the website, you should see the McAfee SECURE trust mark in the lower right corner of the browser. That’s easy, right?

McAfee Security Trust Mark

Use McAfee SECURE free Plan to show the trust mark to the top 500 visitors every month, and you can collect up to 100 TrustedSite comments (users can pass Trusted website Directory or Chrome Safe Browsing verification window), your website will be monitored regularly for malware.This is sufficient for smaller or brand new websites, but if you are running a mature website with a lot of traffic or a large e-commerce website upgrade to Dear Planning is a must.

McAfee Security Professional Edition

Provided by McAfee SECURE Pro Unlimited trust mark usage with Unlimited TrustedSite reviews For your website and other features such as Search engine submission, Website Diagnosis And more. Big brands such as PartyCity, Tory Burch, FootLocker, Jelly Belly, Armani Exchange, LegalZoom, National Geographic, GameStop, etc. all trust McAfee SECURE. Why? Because it just provides some of the best tools on the web to keep their website safe and their customers feel safe.

McAfee SECURE search highlighting

A notable feature that the brand loves is that when you upgrade to Pro, the McAfee SECURE shield will not only be displayed on your website, but also on Highlighted search The results of the website consultant users. This means that when people who use SiteAdvisor (more than 50+ million of them) see your website in Google, Yahoo, or Bing search results, they will also see the McAfee SECURE trust mark next to it.

Pro members can also choose to add one McAfee SECURE Engagement Trustmark Anywhere, not just at the bottom of the browser. This is useful for e-commerce stores that want to display a trust mark next to the “Add to Cart” button on the product page, or for websites that want to anchor the mark in the footer instead of aligning it with the browser window. helpful.

McAfee SECURE identity protection

As we mentioned before, McAfee SECURE also provides Identity protection up to 100,000 USDThis is a Pro plan feature that every e-commerce or premium membership-based website should be excited about. With this, you and your customers will get complete identity theft protection, all you need to do is add some code on the purchase confirmation page so that your customers will receive an overlay email after their payment is processed. This is easier if your store uses WooCommerce-the code will be added for you automatically. Simply enable the option from your McAfee account dashboard.

I’m sure, after seeing everything it offers, you must want to know how much Do What is the price of McAfee SECURE Pro? The current Pro certification plan starts at $19 per month (and increases according to your traffic), but if you choose to pay annually, you will get a 2-month free trial period. If you are a 501(c)3 charity organization, You can contact sales also for special discounts. Identity protection alone is worth the money, so it is definitely a worthwhile investment for your website.

Our final rating

Star rating

In general, we like McAfee SECURE of WordPress very much. We were impressed by the ease of installation (out of the box) and the comprehensive list of features available to Pro members. We give this plugin 5 stars (out of 5 stars)The plug-in and the McAfee SECURE tool itself are perfect and very easy to use. It will scan for malware. It tells your readers that your website is safe. It even comes with identity protection. Now this is a useful plugin!

Simple website credibility tips

In addition to displaying the McAfee SECURE trust mark on your website to verify website security, there are other simple steps you can take to help increase your credibility among readers and increase their trust in your website.

first Provide real and useful content For your readers, and publish regularly. Having your own unique content is not only good for search engines, but a timetable for publishing time is very helpful to build a readership because they believe you will publish new content, so they will return to your website.

Make sure you have a Terms and conditions pageThis is important due to legal reasons such as trademark ownership, privacy conditions, content updates, and descriptions of the services provided. In addition, it shows readers that you are a company (or sole proprietor) that truly abides by the rules (credibility is +1).

In addition, if your website or product is featured everywhere Share your achievements. Being able to say that you “topped the Forbes list” or became part of the “Business Week” list is a great help in building brand credibility. The same goes for any awards you might win. Create a page or add notes in the footer to share your achievements with readers.

here you are

Hope you find this review and guide helpful! All in all, McAfee SECURE is a great way to increase the credibility of your website by adding trust marks to your posts, pages, and products. The free version is very suitable for small websites, while the Pro version is powerful enough for mature brands. Overall, we really like this plugin and hope you give it a try. If you have any questions about the McAfee SECURE free WordPress plugin, or any questions about our guidelines, please leave a comment below. thanks for reading!