Not many WordPress users do not Understand the importance of safety.

However, this understanding does not always lead to action. Too often, People will only take steps to improve the security of WordPress sites Rear They are the victims of violations ——At this time, the damage has been done.

With this in mind, I welcome any plugins that can make the process of securing a WordPress site easier. Security Ninja It is such a plug-in, and in this article, I want to demonstrate how to use it to make your website more secure than most websites.

What WordPress security means to you

WordPress is a great content management system. However, Its huge popularity makes it the main target of hackersAny weaknesses they find in the core file can be used to potentially exploit an astonishing number of sites.This is perhaps the most notorious proof TimThumb crashes last year.

Today, you can still find many WordPress sites that are easily exploited by outdated themes that still contain TimThumb security vulnerabilities. This in itself highlights one of the main reasons for WordPress site security vulnerabilities-outdated code.

In fact, the WordPress development team has done a good job of maintaining the flexibility of the core code. If you keep the core, themes, and plugins of WordPress up to date, and only use products developed by reputable developers, you will do more than most people to ensure your website is safe.

In addition, if you spend relatively less time making your website more secure than most websites, you will no longer be classified as a “low-hanging fruit” by hackers. after all, When so many vulnerable victims are available, why do they bother your website?

This is where Security Ninja comes in. It highlights the most important steps you should take when protecting your WordPress site, and it explains exactly what you need to do. This is the perfect solution for people who want to make their WordPress site more secure.

Use safety ninja

After installing the plugin, you can access it via the tool link in the sidebar:

Security Ninja

When you access the plug-in for the first time, you need to run a security test so that the plug-in can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your website:

Security Ninja

This process should not take more than a minute or so.After the test is complete, you will see the test result-based on 27 different security considerations.

This is an example of some test results conducted on my blog:

Security Ninja

As you can see, the status of each test is marked. The questions range from absolutely basic (keep your themes and plugins up to date) to more advanced (check if you can access the upgrade.php file via HTTP in the default location).

For each “bad” result, you should click the “Details, Tips and Help” button on the right. This will guide you to get advice on specific issues:

Security Ninja Analysis

Limited technical knowledge required to implement changes — In most cases, you only need to add code snippets to your functions.php file, edit the theme file (you should do it through a sub-theme) or make changes via FTP. As a WordPress blogger, these are simple tasks that you should be able to accomplish anyway.

What I like about Security Ninja is that it doesn’t try to do too many things. Its focus is to scan for vulnerabilities and propose solutions- It does not include a bunch of bloated safety features. It allows you to choose which security features to deploy. And because you do it through tiny code snippets and other similar subtle changes, the security improvements you make may not have a noticeable impact on the load time of your website.

In short, Security Ninja is like having a very valuable set of WordPress security tutorials, specifically targeting the unique weaknesses of your website, at your fingertips.

What a safe ninja can not Do

When dealing with any security plug-in, there is an important question that needs to be asked- Security Ninja cannot guarantee the security of your website. it were able Make your website more difficult to be hacked, but there is no indestructible website. In theory, any code that can be legally accessed from a remote location can also be hacked from a remote location. To be fair, the developers of Security Ninja went to great lengths to make this clear in the disclaimer in the test screen.

anyway, Use Security Ninja to scan your website and take suggested improvements will Significantly improve the security of your websiteTherefore, your chances of becoming a victim of malicious attacks are greatly reduced.

Buy a safe ninja