This is what you already know: Keeping e-commerce safe is an important part of starting an online businessIf you do not guarantee the security of customer data during and after the transaction, the possibility of them doing business with you again will be greatly reduced.

But technology, especially security technology, is constantly changing, which may make it difficult for business owners to keep up.

Fortunately, if you use WooCommerce, you don’t have to be an expert in protecting your website and your customers. For any WooCommerce website owner, there are some simple steps that are well worth taking.

Although protecting your website is a multi-step process, if you follow our simple steps, you don’t have to go too far.

1. Use a host that does your safe work

As mentioned above, the job of some people (not you) is to understand the ins and outs of security. Many of them work in hosting companies. This is why a simple and easy way to protect your site is to choose a host that puts security first.

When choosing a network host, please look for a host that provides the following services:

  • Daily backup: These will help you quickly get back online in the event of an attack.
  • Automatic update: These help to immediately patch up security vulnerabilities and ensure your data is safe.
  • Repair service: Together with backups, these can help you get back online in the event of a problem.

2. Prevent brute force attacks

Brute force cracking is still the most common method of hacking sites. It refers to a simple and effective method that can simply guess a combination of passwords or security keys until it appears on the correct series of characters.

Fortunately, because the methods are relatively simple, there are some relatively simple methods to prevent them.

  • Limit login attempts: Violence works only when the bad guy (or really their computer) can try to log in millions of times. Fortunately, there are many WP plugins that limit these attempts. For your WooCommerce website, we like: WP restricts login attempts with Login locked

  • Use a password manager: Password manager, for example Last pass Help create extremely difficult passwords for you, and then automatically enter them when you visit the appropriate site—provided you know the master password. This is a great way to make a password, which is difficult for even experienced attackers to crack.
  • Use two-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication is another smart way to ensure website security. With two-factor authentication, even if the criminals have guessed your username and password, they still need to access another password on another device (usually included in the SMS sent to the personal phone) to pass the second layer of protection.We personally are fans of miniOrange 2 factor plugin.

3. Give yourself an SSL certificate

Here’s the thing: if you accept credit cards, you need an SSL certificate. When people send you information over the Internet, they encrypt your customer data (most commonly credit card details).

4. Always keep a backup

Look, we know that we just said choosing a host that provides daily backups, and it’s all good. But in the final analysis, you cannot guarantee that your host will back up for you every day. Only you can guarantee that you keep a backup.

This is why you must back up the files yourself. Backup backup, if you want!

There are many WordPress backup plugins that can provide this feature Priceless service (Really, don’t be stingy with this!)!

5. ABU (updated at any time)

Remember the smart people’s job we talked about above is to understand safety? The other majority of people work in places like WordPress, and they keep launching new WordPress versions that fix previously undiscovered security vulnerabilities.

So when you log in to WooCommerce and prompt you to update, you might think, “Uh, here again?” But in fact, this is for you and your business.

If your virtual host has an automatic update function, you may not need to worry about this. But if not, you need to update when prompted.

6. Let your customers know they are safe

While protecting your customers (and your business) is one thing, letting them know that you have their support is another entirely.

Why do you want to do this? Because customers who feel safe are more likely to buy your website and recommend it to their friends, thereby increasing your profits and growing your business.

So we like to show off our safety McAfee Security insert. It lets visitors know that your website has passed an external security scan, making them feel safe when buying from your website.

McAfee SECURE is not only an easy way to increase the credibility of a website, but it also provides many other services for premium members, including website reviews, diagnosis, site maps, search highlighting, shopper ID protection, and more.

in conclusion

Most of these steps are as simple as installing a plugin on your WooCommerce website. They don’t need a lot of technical knowledge, it takes an hour or so to complete all of this, and then continue to do what you do best-sales, which is not worth it.