If you’ve ventured into the internet, chances are you’ve seen a meme. Nowadays, meme pages are more and more popular.

The question is how do meme sites make money?

And, if you own a meme page, can you monetize this hobby?

In this article, we’ll answer these questions and more, so let’s get started right away.

What is a meme page?

A meme page is a type of online forum or community. These pages are usually found on Instagram or Facebook.

The posts in this community are usually “memes” or funny pictures/videos. These photos often tell an “inner joke” to that particular community or talk about current trends.

To create your own meme page, you just need an account with one of these platforms. You choose a niche, or category, meme to post.

This will be easiest to do if it’s a subject you’re relatively knowledgeable about; an example would be an engineer creating an engineer meme page.

How do meme pages make money?

Meme pages primarily make money by selling posts on their accounts as a way of promoting other businesses.

These pages sell thanks for other accounts, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, meme merchandise (such as graphic tees, jackets, keychains, etc.), or drive traffic to other sources of income.

To start selling meme pages, many site owners will use a print-on-demand service.

Print-on-Demand is just: t-shirts, hoodies or other apparel/accessories printed at the time of order.

How do meme pages make money?

How much money do meme pages make?

In fact, it’s not possible to generate a full-time income just from running a meme page.

There are a number of different ways of earning, but they won’t add up to substantial and reliable income. However, these sites are a great way to have a little extra income!

Meme pages with large followings of around 1 million followers can earn $2,000 – $3,000 per sponsored post.

Usually, these sites can generate other sources of income if they direct traffic to other income generating platforms. This may include their own website!

Do Facebook and Instagram meme pages make money?

Meme pages on Facebook and Instagram can make money, but it’s not just from posting memes.

This income is usually generated through sponsors, affiliate marketing or selling their own products. It’s basically like being an influencer but a meme site.

All of this requires you to have a popular account with a sizable following. This takes time to develop, but once established, you will be paid more per form of revenue.

For fastest growth, meme pages often stick to a niche or topic. This attracts like-minded people with similar interests.

You can also network with other similar account types to try and get your name out there and maybe attract some of their followers.

The final tip for growth on these sites is to be consistent.

Meme pages usually post 2-3 times per day and use their analytics to see when is the best time to post.

Regular posting is required because algorithms don’t show every post on everyone’s news feed. They are often customized to what the individual interacts with the most.

Where do meme sites find memes?

Most meme sites create memes. The people who run these accounts are usually very witty and have some basic graphic design skills.

Jokes, or memes, are based on real experiences or current trends on the internet.

These memes are usually created with free software or online websites. These are the most popular websites used to find memes and create memes:

  1. GIPHY: This is basically how you can search for GIFs. Literally, it’s nicknamed “Google for GIFs!” It’s a free location where you can upload GIFs to put on your blog or social media sites.
  2. Imgur: This is your meme page for your super specific niches. It has a tool that helps you narrow down exactly what you are looking for.
  3. Tumblr: Tumblr is a rabbit hole of funny stories and memes.
  4. IMGflip: Create your own GIF with this tool! All you do is upload a photo, enter your text and download it.
  5. Gfycat: This site allows you to use GIFs, memes, and short videos. Upload your own videos to create your own GIFs to use on your site.
  6. Free GIF Maker: On Free GIF Maker, you can turn any type of video into a GIF. Whether you want a scene from a YouTube video or a Movie to a video of your kid dancing, just pop it into this site and you’ll have a GIF. You can also use the “reverse GIF” feature, so you can take your GIF and play it in reverse.

Although some accounts don’t create memes, they still have websites to find the best accounts.

Here are the 7 best meme sites:

  1. Humor college: This is the best place for college-age memes. This site has a group of content creators who post, and anyone can contribute to the site.
  2. 9Gag: This is one of the most popular meme sites in the world. You can also contribute to this site. The team is based in Hong Kong.
  3. KnowYourMeme: You can also share your own meme here. It’s a one-stop shop for all the internet memes. Good luck diving deep here.
  4. Cheezburger: This is one of the most popular US-based meme sites. This one also allows you to submit your own memes.
  5. HumorNama: This is one of the most popular meme sites for India. There are various memes on popular topics in India on this site.
  6. Reddit: Reddit alone is a site full of forums (or subreddits). Each subreddit has a different category of people who like that content. You can find memes in any of the groups here (you can even make money using Reddit).
  7. Photo made: This site is also home to memes from all over the world.

Final thoughts on making money with meme pages

Many people start meme pages as something for fun, but as they become popular, they can become very lucrative money-makers.

Although you won’t make much money until you reach at least 10,000+ engaged followers, if you do it for fun and have a witty sense of humour, you will be able to attract followers. pretty fast.

If you’ve posted to a meme page, now is the time to consider monetizing this fun part-time hobby. And it could even turn into a full-time side job eventually.