If someone had told me a few years ago that you could make a full-time income from the comfort of your own home, I would never have believed them.

But now, after doing this for years, I know how this is definitely possible.

For some people, starting your own online business is something they dread, for others, they want the stability of working for a company.

If you are any of the two, there is a chance for you to make money online and here is the best part – Little or no experience required.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the best entry-level jobs to work from home, and we’ll get started right away.


Nowadays, you can set up your blog for a low cost. But if you’re taking this business seriously, I suggest you invest a little in hosting and set up a nice theme, and you’re good to go!

There are different ways you can make money blogging, and yes, you can still make very good money blogging.

The first way to make money from your blog that I suggest is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply a referral to another person’s product or service. For example, if you write a blog post about skin care products, you can add an affiliate link to some of the products you recommend and earn a commission with it.

The same goes for services. You act as a marketer for this product/service.

A second source of income can be advertising with the most popular advertising agency, Google.

The downside to this is that it takes a while to get through their claims and monetize your site, but once the wheels start rolling, it becomes worth it.

I also recommend joining Ezoic, as they have no minimum requirements, like other premium ad networks, and I managed to increase my ad income 5x when switching from Google Adsense to Ezoic on some websites.

You still want to join Adsense, but then you switch to Ezoic to really start making money.

Another way to earn income from your blog is to sell your products or services.

Different types of services can be in-person coaching or even selling a particular program. When you build an audience of your own, the opportunities are endless.

Virtual assistant

Since there are so many entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs on the internet today, it is very easy to find a virtual assistant job online.

These people have a lot of routine and hard work to do, and they would rather invest in a virtual assistant than do it themselves.

If you’re not sure where to look, you can check out job platforms like LinkedIn or Glass door for a steady position or Upwork if you’re considering freelance and have more flexible working hours.

If you are organized, have excellent communication skills and can handle office tasks, you will want to give this a try.

Online Teacher

The world has become more open to the idea of ​​E-learning since Covid-19 hit us.

Thousands of parents around the globe are now realizing how convenient and effective this method of parenting is.

It’s safer for both parties, cuts travel costs and time, and it’s easier for parents to expand their children’s knowledge and skills.

To become an online teacher, you can teach anything including your mother tongue, a subject you are good at or even an art.

Whatever you master, there is someone out there who would love to learn it.

best entry-level jobs to work from home

Proofreader or Copier

If you are language savvy, proofreading or copying is for you. This job revolves around your fluency in a certain language.

If you can correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure errors well, you’ll definitely land a job in proofreading.

What you do is you basically edit the texts written by others and send them back to your employer.

Sometimes employers ask you to edit tone of voice suit their requirements.

This is not a difficult job but it takes someone with a keen eye for detail, impeccable language skills and of course, good communication and comprehension skills.

Social Media Coordinator

Online businesses are always looking for a social media coordinator to coordinate their social media accounts by posting on time, writing captions, assisting in managing the right type of media to post, and maintain the brand’s common voice on their social media channels.

Some employers may go a little further and ask you to develop a social media marketing strategy for them.

But overall, it’s a fun and engaging job. If you are an organized person with excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) then consider this job.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerks are essential in all businesses. This person is very important for business data maintenance and administrative tasks.

As a salesperson, you will be responsible for entering information into the database, converting PDF documents to other formats, updating information, merging files, etc.

This job requires someone with great attention to detail, easy system adaption, a fast typist and strong organizational skills.

Customer Service Representative

Businesses look for customer service representatives to handle customers and resolve their problems. The duties of a customer service representative are summarized in answering phone calls, e-mails, or engaging in live chat support.

They walk customers through the basic setup processes, guide them, and handle their complaints.

Some employers add a sales aspect to this job, where the only additional responsibility is to sell products and services to customers while processing the payment process.

This job requires someone who can maintain composure under stress, has a friendly attitude, has problem-solving skills and clear communication skills.

Written Content

Many would like to believe that business owners no longer need content writers and are turning to other types of media for content, but this is nowhere near the truth.

People are always looking for answers on the internet, information, a piece of content to convince them of a product or service.

Content writing is in high demand as the number of businesses increases.

You can become a freelance content writer or get hired part-time or full-time if you’re someone who values ​​stability.

To become one, you need to understand the basics of writing and mentally prepare to respond to editing requests from your employer.


Let’s say you’re good at anything. For example, cooking. Through the internet, you can turn that skill into money through the various social media platforms available.

Record yourself while cooking, do some editing and upload to social media platforms. I would recommend YouTube for beginners.

The downside is that it takes a while to grow your audience so you can monetize through advertising and then sponsorship.

In the meantime, however, there are platforms like Skillshare and Teachable where you can upload any type of course and people will buy it for the price you enter.

Excessive sound

Most people who write eBooks need a voice over for them to give their clients an audio version of the book.

This job is in high demand and can earn you a decent amount of money if you prepare properly for it.

To become a voiceover artist, you have to have a clear voice, audition a lot, practice, and match the style of your readers.

You can try out positions on Amazon Kindle or search for freelance work on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.


The online world has given us so many opportunities to make money from the comfort of our own homes if we put in the effort.

Even if you don’t have any experience, or want to earn some extra money while studying, there’s something for you.

Just remember that you must be able to work well under pressure, meet established deadlines, and understand the ground rules of your job.

All in all, there are plenty of opportunities online for everyone who wants to embrace it.

In this post, we have shared 10 beginner jobs that offer everyone the opportunity to work from home. I hope you’ve found some inspiration to get started.