What is the age of SAM?

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Welcome to Solana.

We’re a bit ahead of our time, but read on – you can send us flowers later.

While Ethereum remains the favorite option for some NFT collectors, many are shocked by the sky-high gas fees and slow transactions associated with the ancient network. As a result, NFT and DeFi projects are turning to other scalable and cheaper blockchains such as Solana.

SAM age (AOS) creatively captured this sentiment in their story The Great Gas War. This is done through a clever us sci-fi story about them. By immediately capturing the collective feel of Solana, AOS provides a solid foundation for cross-project utility as it can function immediately as a community hub and platform.

12 factions, represented by existing unique Solana-based projects, including SolPunks, KAM1, Ernest in Disguise, Artpunks, and Pixel Invaderz, came together to create House Sol. The Solarium Autonomous Miner or SAM is the project’s native non-fungible token (NFT), generated from the DNA of 12 factions. This is the NFT that investors will mint.

Each SAM NFT is an astronaut whose face represents one of 12 unique Solana projects. Factions gain direct value and exposure from cross-pollination and collaboration, encouraging their NFT holders to couple them with SAM NFTs when mining $SOLARIUM (the age of SAM tokens). why? Because holders of both project NFTs have a higher chance of earning more $SOLARIUM. This unique concept has encouraged “Diamond Hand” buyers who see long-term value in joining the AOS family – very good.

Did we mention that $SOLARIUM will be traded on exchanges? Well, we just did it.

They also plan to introduce more factions in the future – rumor has it that their recruits have infiltrated some ETH communities…

When someone holds any of the 12 Faction NFTs and the AGE of the SAM NFT, they will earn up to 2x $SOLARIUM when staking their SAM – twice as much as you would if you only staked the AOS NFT. This is done in weekly “Mission to the Moon”. The faction that earns the most $SOLARIUM will win prizes on top of whatever amount of $SOLARIUM they mine – everyone wins, but the most dedicated faction will win more than the others.

This Hold-to Earn (H2E) model is actually a gamification of the wagering itself. Who said it had to be boring?

Factions serve as teams. Teams create competition. Competition is the foundation of any game. This is just the H2E utility. Play-to-Earn (P2E) games are already in development with a super talented video game studio with nearly 15 years of experience working with some of the biggest companies in the entertainment industry.

Speaking of which, entertainment is utility is a big part of what makes AGE of SAM so unique. We’ve mentioned H2E gamification and P2E gaming, but did we mention they’re giving away $50,000 in prizes before minting?

Members of all factions are always encouraged to join the AOS Discord for various games like poker and trivia, and compete for giveaways with their sharpest memes and fan art. There aren’t many boring moments, which is in stark contrast to other NFT projects where “entertainment” is usually nothing more than “gm” and waiting. SAM knows what’s going on – the days of disengaged utility-free projects are over.

Their Discord and Twitter Vibrant and growing. This is thanks to a large dedicated team of admins, modders and community managers. The founders were always there to joke around and answer all questions. When a community feels like they are part of a family that supports them, they also support you. AOS calls this their “Samily” – awwwww.

AOS is also busy forming partnerships with other top Solana projects, bringing additional rewards to token holders and raising awareness for decentralized finance, gaming, music, and other applications on the Solana blockchain.

They are also partnering with Magic Eden (ME), which is by far the most traded Solana marketplace.

Regardless, SAM’s AGE is easily one of the most ambitious and well-planned projects we’ve ever seen.

guess what?It’s super early

Minting is planned for late January 2022.