they try to change the stock market, they Tokenizing company shares into the blockchain. But they didn’t stop at this trivial step.

Shareslake was created to solve the limited Concepts and inefficient designs in the current market. In the current market, stocks are mostly negotiated into the secondary market. However, when investors buy shares in a company, the company doesn’t actually receive funding. It’s just a stock exchange between two investors who pay a commission to an intermediary broker. The main goal of Shareslake is to Fund the company every time a stock is traded, after all, the fact that investors want to buy shares means they want to fund the company for future revenue as it grows profits.

Shareslake culture has struggled Benefit all participants in the network and ecosystem.

Shareslake is able to provide target companies with more than 2% of the company’s market value each year.

This creates the perfect ecosystem for the company, Specifically for startups Because in addition to the normal money or venture capital in the current stock market, they also get a term fund.

To be able to choose this benefit, companies must accept Shareslake coins (redeemable) as their product, giving true availability to coins.

Additionally, Shareslake benefits investors not only by eliminating intermediaries, but also by implementing protocols Safely eliminate network charges when investing in these companies.So, buying shares on Shareslake is all about free for an investor.

The value of Redeemable (Shareslake’s coin) comes from two different sources:

  • It can be exchanged for stocks that may generate more output
  • It can be used daily as it can be used to purchase products or

All information about the project can be found at twitter is