Nftcoin is a utility and governance token built on five smart contracts: Solana, Polygon, Tron, Etherum and BNB. It is integrated in the layer 2 protocol and used to mint irreplaceable tokens. Through NFTcoin, the creator or collector of NFT can use NFTcoin to mint, sell or buy NFT at a lower gas fee in any digital asset market that integrates NFT.

The main focus of NFTcoin is as a token for NFT-related functions; this means that as the NFT ecosystem develops and upgrades, NFTcoin will adopt this vitality. Most importantly, NFTcoin will launch its own smart chain contract to integrate other irreplaceable tokens and play its key role in the digital market, namely the security and added value of non-fungible digital assets.

NFTcoin will be publicly sold during the initial coin offering (ICO) in the NFThome market. This is a way to reward early investors (stakeholders) for the limited total market supply of Nftcoin.

We will reward all Nfthome members who successfully participated in the pre-sale of Nfthome tokens. This will make up for them as part of the stakeholder of Nfthome, as they will be the first holders of our first batch of nfts.

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