With the recent rise of Bitcoin and Ethereum, the market value of digital currencies has crossed the $3 trillion mark. The crypto market has been going through tough times recently, with some digital currencies seeing dramatic price changes. Altcoins are more popular than ever. Soon, the less popular altcoins may see an uptick. So if you aspire to be a part of this growth, you must consider different options. It is worth noting that the versatile properties of altcoins are well known these days. If you plan to invest in cryptocurrencies, altcoins might be a good place to start. Now let’s take a look at the top seven altcoins that will most like to grow and enrich investors in the coming years.

Major Altcoins You Must Check Out:

Market Move (MOVE) – We know that artificial intelligence plays an important role in our lives and MOVE aims to bring the best capabilities of artificial intelligence. It helps distinguish good projects with solid results from projects that are just proposals. The current supply of MarketMove tokens is one trillion. However, 75% of the total supply was burned at the outset. Additionally, the MOVE token is also hyper-deflationary. For every transaction, there are fees associated with it. Over time, this will help reduce the supply of the token, and holders can benefit from the price increase. MOVE is a fantastic token with huge potential.

inSure Defi (SURE) – inSure is the world’s first cryptocurrency that belongs to the insurance ecosystem. The purpose of SURE coin is to protect investors from theft or fraud of funds. In order to obtain insurance, users need to purchase SURE coins and apply for insurance. Insurance will be enabled by the investor’s name after 7 days of placing the tokens in a private wallet. The Beginner Plan involves 2,500 tokens and offers up to $1,000 guaranteed for four months. The Diamond Plan includes 500,000 SURE Tokens and a 2-year insurance period.

Energy Network (IOEN) – As people around the world talk about clean energy and climate change, the crypto world has begun to understand. IOEN is one of the best altcoins in 2022 that you can invest in for the long term. One of its unique features for an altcoin like Holochain is that it does not need to be mined and can work on peer-to-peer or P2P frameworks. Therefore, it can be considered a completely green coin. IOEN has a fixed supply, so the price of the token has the potential to rise in the future.

Feed each gorilla (FEG) – This cryptocurrency is expected to offer huge returns. The cryptocurrency runs on two blockchain technologies, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, FEG is hyper-deflationary in nature with a supply of over 42 trillion. Although the supply of FEG is very high, it can be controlled because both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain are burning continuously. The FEG project was launched a few months ago in 2021, and the FEG development team believes that their work has reached 30% of the total work.

Decentralization (MANA) – You must have heard of MANA. It is one of the most popular altcoins and you can buy it to enjoy massive profits in the future. The coin has surged more than 4000% in the past 1 year, and investors have made huge profits from it. It runs on Ethereum. Content creators can use MANA to monetize their creations. The token allows the creation of applications, games and dynamic 3D scenes. Due to the limited supply, the coin has huge future potential and people can hold it for a long time.

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