Online businesses are always trying to develop new, ingenious ways to accept payments from customers faster and more efficiently. While digital payments are great, they are certainly inferior to cryptocurrencies.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has enabled many businesses to accept crypto as a legitimate payment method. Businesses of all sizes, including everyone from large to small, accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as payment methods.

As such, five sites offer different products and services in exchange for bitcoin.

coin gate

Coingate is by far one of the most famous sites to accept bitcoin payments, and it has been doing so for a long time. Users can use Bitcoin to buy thousands of different gift cards from some of the most well-known brands such as Steam, eBay, Amazon, Airbnb, and more.

You can use these gifts to buy different products or services from these brands without having to deal with the complexities of dealing with fiat currencies. Also, the process of making such a purchase is simple. Assuming you have an Airbnb gift card, all you need to do is visit Airbnb’s website, select a product and select Bitcoin as an option to pay with a gift card at checkout.


Microsoft has been one of the top tech companies for decades. Initially, however, even they were reluctant to accept payments in Bitcoin. But things have turned upside down, and now, even Microsoft accepts payments via Bitcoin, which helps build confidence among crypto users.

Microsoft now allows its customers to pay with Bitcoin to use many different types of products and services, such as Skype, top-up user accounts, Xbox Live, and more. The good news is that the company’s interest in Bitcoin doesn’t end there. It recently launched a two-tier authentication platform called ION using blockchain technology.


Numerous reports emerged earlier this year suggesting that Amazon is laying the groundwork for the launch of its cryptocurrency. However, there is not much information about the development of this project, but once this becomes a reality, things will undoubtedly change forever. That being said, it’s sad that Amazon hasn’t directly accepted cryptocurrencies yet.

Still, you can buy Amazon gift cards from well-known platforms like CoinGate that accept not only Bitcoin but other cryptocurrencies as well. As long as there is a platform like CoinGate, you don’t have to worry about finding ways to use your bitcoin to buy different products or services.


Anyone who loves to travel will no doubt know the brand Expedia well, the platform that has provided travel services for a long time. Over the years, Expedia has been working hard to make its website more robust and user-friendly. It is fair to say that well-known travel agencies often find success by adopting the latest technologies and taking advantage of them.

Expedia’s partnership with Travala, another well-known crypto-friendly travel booking platform, marks this latest adoption. This means that you can now book more than 70,000 hotels in different locations around the world using 30 different types of cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, of course).


Many online businesses were initially reluctant to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method. However, Overstock certainly earned its title as a risk taker, as it was one of the few sites that started accepting Bitcoin as its product in 2014.

The platform now allows its customers to buy different products in exchange for bitcoin. Any customer interested in purchasing a product with Bitcoin can choose the currency when paying for the product through the website. Once you send your payment to Overstock, the system will automatically convert the currency to Bitcoin and complete the transaction without the hassle of any fiat currency.

final thoughts

These are just a few of the sites currently accepting bitcoin payments directly or indirectly through platforms like CoinGate. However, more and more businesses are beginning to accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method for their products and services. So, depending on the current situation, you can expect more sites to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods.